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Welcome to figure skating competition New Star.

New Star 2021
Event time: 02.-03. October 2021
Organized by: Figure Skating Club Juna
Venue of competition: Haabersti Ice Rink
Haabersti 3, Tallinn, Estonia.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel competition “New Star 2021” if due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation the decision or recommendation of the national/local Government does not agree to conduct such an event or if the travel restrictions into and out of  Estonia will block the Teams for an unexpected period of time.  Skaters are advised to seek advice from their relevant government agencies, travel and medical providers regarding travel to any destination country and any restrictions in place. These can change at short notice.
The Organizers cannot accept skaters from the countries, which are on the Estonian isolation list. Further information on countries and restriction on freedom of movement requirements for passengers in Estonia:


To participate in competitions, please provide one of the following evidence:
- Proof confirming the recovery from COVID-19 disease within the last 180 days
- certificate of completion of the vaccination course
- evidence of negative test result (PCR, antigen)
- speed test signed with date and time of testing and with owner name.
All of the above certificates/certificates must be presented either digitally or in paper form (with a QR code) and together with an identity document.

NB! Organizer does not offer on-site testing but it is possible to buy a speedtest from ice rink administration (6 EUR)!

Individuals under the age of 18 do not need to prove their infection safety, i.e. vaccination, covid-19 disease recovery or negative test result. NB! Please be ready to present your identity document!
Spectators are asked to WEAR A MASK to host the safest event possible!

NB! Sports building managers have the right to require all adult people to have a COVID-19 certificate when entering the sports building, but this is not mandatory if the parent stays in the sports
building for a short time and does not take part in activities. A parent may be in the competition area for a short time (approx. 15 min) without proving their infection safety. Wear a mask and keep a reasonable
distance with other people.
A parent who has not demonstrated his or her infection safety must leave the sports building after preparing the child for competitions (helping to dress, putting skates on).


New Star võistluse koordinaator

You can watch the competition live online: isp



























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