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Welcome to figure skating competition New Spring Star 2017.

New Spring Star 2017

Competition will take place at Škoda Icerink 29 of Aprill.

New Spring Star 2017 will include the following age categories for boys and girls :

Pre-Chicks B Girls and Boys (2012 and younger)
Pre-Chicks A and B 
Girls and Boys (2010/2011)
Chicks and Chicks Axel 
Girls and Boys (2008/2009)
Cubs A and B Girls and Boys (2006/2007) 
NEW!!! Springs B Girls and Boys (2004/2005)!!!
Beginners A Girls and Boys 2011/2012; 2009/2010; 2007/2008; 2005/2006.
Beginners B Girls and Boys 2013 and younger; 2011/2012; 2009/2010; 2007/2008; 2005/2006.
PreYoung Girls and Boys 2007 and younger
PreYoung Girls and Boys 2005/2006
Young Girls and Boys 2002-2004
Young Girls and Boys 1999-2001

You can watch the competition live online: isp



























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