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New Spring Star 2017

Event time: 14.10.2017.
Organized by: Figure Skating Club Juna
Venue of competition: Škoda Icerink 
Haabersti 3, Tallinn, Estonia

General Regulations
The New Star competition will be held third season for young and beginner skaters. The results will be calculated according to ISU judges system using judges
panel of 3 judges. 

New Autumn Star 2017 will include the following age categories for boys and girls :
Pre-Chicks B Girls and Boys (2013 and younger)
Pre-Chicks A and B 
Girls and Boys (2011/2012)
Chicks and Chicks Axel 
Girls and Boys (2009/2010)
Cubs A and B Girls and Boys (2007/2008) 
Springs B Girls and Boys (2005/2006)
Beginners A Girls and Boys 2012/2013; 2010/2011; 2008/2009; 2006/2007.
Beginners B Girls and Boys 2014 and younger; 2012/2013; 2010/2011; 2008/2009; 2006/2007.
PreYoung Girls and Boys 2008 and younger
PreYoung Girls and Boys 2006/2007
Young Girls and Boys 2003-2005
Young Girls and Boys 2000-2002

Registration of entries
The deadline for entries is 16.09.2017. Entries must be submitted in online form and must contain the competitor’s full name, date of birth and category. Please register by clicking on Registration link on the left site.
For participating, please fill in the entry form and submit it.                       
Mrs. Jelena Abolina (Organizer)

Entry fee
Each club has to pay for its participants 100 % of the total amount right after the entry form confirmation, by 1.10.2017. 
Entry fee:
45 EUR for Beginners categories
65 EUR for Pre-Chicks, Chicks, Cubs, Springs, Pre-Young and Young categories
90 EUR for two categories

Payment must be made to: 

MTÜ Iluuisutamisklubi Juna
Registry code: 80268389
Address: Retke 30-122,
13419 Tallinn ESTONIA

Bank account:
Aadress: Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn
Account number: EE971010220246619229

Organizer will not return entry fees. You can change one skater for another in any category if 100% is paid already. Any changes in entry form has to be made at 
least 24 hours before drawing. The entire club will not take part in draw in a case of not paid entry fees. 

Planned Program Content 
Planned program contents for categories with free program have to be sent by October 10, 2017. Please send the planned program contents to e-mail:                        

An electronic draw will take place on October 12 th 2017. Starting orders will be published on competition website:

According to the ISU Rule 119, the Organizer accepts no liability for bodily or personal injury, or for property lost or damage incurred by any Competitors or 
any kind of Officials. 

The code of ethics
All the skaters, coaches, judges, chaperons should follow the ISU com. 1433. Action against this rule conducts behind itself the disqualification of skater.

Time schedule
Preliminary time schedule will be send to participants one week before competition and it will be available on our website:

The three best-placed competitors in each event will be awarded with a trophy. All competitors will receive a diploma.

All participants and teams must pay the accommodation and transportation themselves.

Music for categories with program must be recorded on CDs (do not use CD-RW, DVD or MP3) and submitted at the time before competition. 
The music medias must be of good quality and labeled clearly with the Competitor’s name, Nation, category and the exact music time.

Each team has the right to submit protest against the judge’s decision. Protests must be submitted to the Referee of the relevant event at the latest immediately after the
event. Upon the submission of the protest a protest fee of 50 EUR must be paid. The referee’s decision is final. In the new ISU Judging Systems no protests can be filed 
against the judges (see Rule 123), but against the right determination of the executed element or any calculation error. In the ISU Judging System protest can be 
summited in 24 hours after subsegment (e.g. Short Program) and before the awarding ceremony after the final segment (e.g. Free Skating). Protest must be done in a 
written form to the referee of the relevant segment. Please read ISU Rule 123.

Protocol will be available at the competition website. The Organizers will not provide print-outs or CD-s.

Additional information and contact persons
Jelena Abolina tel. +372 55 684 274



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